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Inner Peace World Peace

Transforming Ourselves and Our World



Inner Peace/World Peace advocates for nonviolence by means of spiritual disciplines, group meetings, education and activism.  We believe there is a necessary connection between inner transformation and finding effective alternatives to violence in the world.

We choose to transform ourselves and a build a new world - rooted in the abundance of God's love, in peace, in freedom and in joy.

You are welcome to sign-up here to our "occasional" print newsletter.  We are grateful for the opportunity to share with each other and with you, our experience in becoming peacemakers in our personal and political lives.  The newsletter contains reflections, stories, poetry, interviews, book reviews and letters.

Current issue contents: 
Taking Stock - Bud Hayes on the last five years of the Journal and on this issue.
Prayer in a Time of Economic Upheaval - Jeff Olson
A Vision of Health Care Danced in His Head - Wayne Vanek sees a better way for our country to provide for health care.
What is My Purpose - Rose Maquire traces her spiritual journey.
Homeless in Chicago - Phyllis Milano's response to homelessness (fiction).
Standing on the Outside Looking In - Bud Hayes' describes experiences expressing empathy.
Prayer for Reconciliation -- Iraq - Jeff Olson.


Submissions welcome: 
A story for the column "L.O.V.E Works" (Love Overcomes Violence Everywhere) is included in many issues. You are invited to send your experience (250 words or less) to