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Inner Peace World Peace

Transforming Ourselves and Our World



Who we are

We are a group of people from a number of churches and congregations that meets weekly in Oak Park, Illinois in prayer, study, contemplation and support. We are called to be peacemakers and we support each other in our own personal, spiritual and political growth.

In October 2001, with the start of the U.S. bombing of Afganistan, Amy and Demetrios Pappageorge started a weekly Peace Vigil in Oak Park, Illinois that continues to meet each Friday evening. The next spring this expanded into a Saturday morning interfaith Inner Peace/World Peace group for more focused study and reflection.

The Inner Peace/World Peace newsletter is a celebration of our work. The newsletter work group presently includes Bud Hayes (editor/poet/dog walker), Mary Erkins (active with RESULTS in lobbying to prevent world hunger), Emory Mead (graphics designer and mystic), Wayne Vanek, Sue Piha, Paul Seline, and Jeff Olson

We are but a small part of a community of people in and around Oak Park who inspire us, challenge us and invite us to grow. We are deeply grateful for all we have been given and for the opportunity we have to share our growth.

We have come together out of the agony of September 11th.
We are grounded in the promise of Shalom.
We refuse to resign ourselves to the violence
Pervasive in our way of life.

We are summoned by the claim
Of many spiritual mentors and traditions
That it is possible for the violence within ourselves
To be transformed.

We believe there is a necessary connection between
This work of inner transformation
And addressing effectively the violence
In our world.

-- Bud Hayes