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Inner Peace World Peace

Transforming Ourselves and Our World


Journal Contents - InnerPeace/WorldPeace

We are grateful for the opportunity to share with you our experience in becoming peacemakers in our personal and political lives.  The journal issues contain reflections, stories, poetry, interviews, book reviews and letters.  We are honored when you share our materials with others.  Please let us know when you do, and be sure to include our contact information on any copies you might distribute. You may read PDF versions of our past journal issues by clicking on the links below. Also, for printed copies, you can add yourself to our mailing list by going to the sign-up page - Just click sign-up here.  

Journal 15:  Jun 2009  click to download.   (Size 361 KB)
Taking Stock - Bud Hayes on the last five years of the Journal and on this issue.
Prayer in a Time of Economic Upheaval - Jeff Olson
A Vision of Health Care Danced in His Head - Wayne Vanek sees a better way for our country to provide for health care.
What is My Purpose - Rose Maquire traces her spiritual journey.
Homeless in Chicago - Phyllis Milano's response to homelessness (fiction).
Standing on the Outside Looking In - Bud Hayes' describes experiences expressing empathy.
Prayer for Reconciliation -- Iraq - Jeff Olson.

Journal 14:  Nov 2007  click to download.   (Size 691 KB)
In It for the Long Haul - Bud Hayes offers an overview of the articles in this issue.
Fight on the Oak Park "EL" Train Stop - Jeff Olson
Thoughts at a Friday Night Peace Vigil - Bud Hayes
You Just Might Get What You Need - Kathy Fricks tells how her car crash led to a series of encounters with surprising grace and humanity.
A Journey of Discovery - Jean Ellzey: Her triumphs and defeats led to a vision of the world that works for her.
My Contemplative Way to Peace - Diana Conrad Malon speaks of the her journey from the monastery into the world via contemplation.

Journal 13:  Oct 2008  click to download.   (Size 1608 KB)
In Memorium - Bud Hayes and others remember Dick Glennie.
A Journey to Hiroshima - and discovery of a powerful symbol of peace - Paul Seline
Building Bridges - Jean Ellzey refects on her lifelong quest to find her voice and to build bridges between people.
How Healing and Peace Came to Iraq (fiction) - Jeff Olson imagines how it could happen.
Living at Peace with the non-human creatures - Kathy Fricks on her path to a meatless and joyful diet.
Paralyzing Fear - Betsy Davis on her wanting to be pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli.

Journal 11:  Jan 2007  click to download.   (Size KB 2076)
Entry Points, Not Issues - Wayne Vanek on being at the School of Americas in Fort Benning, Georgia.
Checking out a "Check In" - Bud Hayes describes the weekly group "check in" ritual. Contributions by:
     Tom Ard - morning revelation of an activist
     Cindy Palombi - Feel the comfort (poem to a friend)
     Bob Haisman - An email from a Washington DC peace march
     Jeff Olson - Knowing what I want
     Bud Hayes - Fire and Ice (revisited)
Of Peace, Postcards, and Citizenship - Sue Piha wrestles with U.S. Department of Peace initiative and respecting our peaceworking heritage.

Journal 10:  2006  click to download.   (Size KB - 663 KB)
One Path to Inner Peace - An experience with the Sedona Method by Bud Hayes.
One Path to World Peace - Bud Hayes leverages "Nonviolent Communication" (NVC) with a fundamentalist Christian.
In the Midst of the Wreckage -- Israel/Lebanon - (Poem) An experience of moving from anger to forgiveness by Jeff Olson.

Journal 9:  2006  click to download.   (Size 207 KB)
Fighting the Cancer of War - by Walt Ziegenhalz.
Building Bridges for Peace - Eliana talks of her experience with bombing, Arabs and friendship in Israel.
The Holiday Visitor - Demetrios Pappageorge's former student comes back to visit before going to Iraq
Healing the Jewish-Christian Rift Laura Bernstein's tranformative experience writing her book.
Nonviolence as a Political Weapon - Wayne Vanek honors Gene Sharp for his tremendous influence in toppling dictatorships.

Journal 8:  2006  click to download.   (Size 288 KB)
Love Can be Fully Present - a prayer/meditation by Jeff Olson.
War -- The Ideal Condition for Human Society? - thoughts on modern American militarism & imperialism from Walt Ziegenhalz.
Make Me An Instrument of Your Peace - how Jim DuCanto felt God's guidance in the ER.
From Our Readers - Cristina Fernandez reacts to her experience at the vigil/protest to close the School of the Americas.
In Defense of The Last Rose of Summer - Bud Hayes' epiphany concerning the connection between violence within us and that of the world at large.
L.O.V.E. Works: An excerpt from Sun At Midnight by Andrew Harvey
A poem by Jim DuCanto

Journal 7:  2005  click to download.   (Size 467 KB)
Expanding the Circle - an introduction to this issue's theme by Bud Hayes.
I'm Not the Only One - new contributor George Ochsenfeld invites us to quiet down and simplify.
A Changed Heart - Mikki Symonds shares her benefits from forgiveness, humility & kindness.
Dachau - An Update - Bud Hayes thoughts after visiting Dachau.
L.O.V.E. Works: Palestinian and Israeli girls in camp together. An excerpt from Marc Ian Barasch.
From Our Readers - letters from Jeanne Clark, Tim Bradley

Journal 6:  2005  click to download.   (Size 356 KB)
Thinking Differently - an introduction to this issue's theme by Bud Hayes.
Turned A Corner - new thoughts on peace rallies by Demetrios Pappageorge.
Waiting For The Bus - Mary Erkins revisits racism.
Corporations Are Individuals Too - Wayne Vanek shares new ideas inspired by the movie The Corporation.
L.O.V.E. Works:
an excerpt from the book Peace Pilgrim.
Can Violence Be Prevented? - Bud Hayes shares new ideas about how we might become a nonviolent world.

Journal 5: March 2005  click to download.    (Size 269 KB)
I Love You And I Bless You - Cristina Fernandez has an experiment for us all.
Two Sacks Of Flour - the story of Jan Ryk's father confronting the German Army during WWII
Nonviolence Crossfertilazation - Wayne Vanek contemplates the ideas of Gandhi, King, and Thoreau.
A Galaxy Of Spin-Offs - Bud Hayes lists some of the positive outcomes of our InnerPeace/WorldPeace efforts.
Trash Talk On The Job - a surprising moment of inner peace and strength by contributor Doug T.
L.O.V.E. Works:  an excerpt on Aikido on a Tokyo train from Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman.
From The Journal Of Sherry Sword - questions & answers from Ms. Sword.

Journal 4: Fall 2004 click to download.    (Size 368 KB)
About This Issue - an intro to the themes of the issue by Bud Hayes.
A Man For All Seasons - The editors' thoughts on Barak Obama before the 2004 elections.
Rachel Weeping For Her Children - Bud Hayes discusses the pain of loss and dialogue between enemies.
L.O.V.E. Works: an excerpt from Mikki Kashtan's article about a West Bank settler and a CNVC trainer.
Talking With Ideological Adversaries - Jeff Olson shares experiences of his peacemaking efforts.
Getting Results With RESULTS - Mary Erkins describes the work done by RESULTS volunteers.
What Is Nonviolent Communication? - Bud Hayes defines it using Marshall Rosenberg & experiences from our InnerPeace/WorldPeace group.
Peacemaking And Patriotism - Margaret Van Ebers shares her thoughts on celebrating the 4th of July.

Journal 3: Summer 2004 click to download.    (Size 314 KB)
Thoughts About Our Times - a letter from Dorie Blesoff to her mother.
Peacemaking, Peacedoing, Peacebeing - intro to the issue from Bud Hayes with thoughts about hope by Vaclav Havel.
Standing With Friends Of God And Prophets - Ceil Rogers, O.P., shares her idea that our Friday-night vigil is prophetic.
Deconsrtucting "The Bully" - a lesson on being nonviolent in the classroom by Mary Erkins.
Who Is On My Team? - Demetrios Pappageorge describes how expanding your team can bring surprising results on and off the soccer field.
Keeping Score In The Culture Wars - Bud Hayes describes what he sees happening to the dialogue between people with conflicting world views.
We Have Not Come To Take Prisoners - a poem from The Gift by Daniel Ladinsky.
L.O.V.E. Works:  an excerpt from Peace Pilgrim on how not to hit back.

Journal 2: Spring 2004 click to download.    (Size 1327 KB)
"The Second Coming" - a poem by William Butler Yeats.
Slouching Towards Bethlehem - An intro to this issue's themes by Bud Hayes.
In Search Of A Vocabulary - Bud Hayes offers new words to use for "nonviolence" & "love."
I Am The Filling, And I Am Filled - Demetrios Pappageorge finds metaphors for fitting peacemaking into a very busy life.
I Heard The News Today, Oh Boy! - Mary Erkins finds a well of serenity in the traffic of life.
Why Do They Hate Us? - possible explanations for anti-American sentiment offered by Walter Ziegenhals.
L.O.V.E. Works: an excerpt on racism from Is There No Other Way by Michael Nagler.
I Am Listening - Amy Abbott Pappageorge describes her struggle to listen and to hear God's voice.
Ready. Or Not? - a prayer by Jeff Olson which helps express who he is and who he is trying to be.
Mama Yells Again: A Mother's Piece/Peace - Mikki Symonds speaks about raising her children in a world not yet free from violence.

Our 1st Issue: December 2003 click to download.    (Size 410 KB)
"A Manifesto for Peacemakers" - a poem by Bud Hayes.
Rivers of Freedom, Rivers of Freedom, Oceans of Love - an intro to the issue's themes by Bud Hayes.
The Evolution of a Study Group - description of our Saturday sessions by Mary Erkins.
The Birth of a Peace Vigil
Amy Abbott Pappageorge describes pulling the Friday night vigil together.
When Peacemaking Gets Down To The Nitty Gritty
- Jeff Olson describes his feelings on Israeli/Palestinian tensions.   
L.O.V.E. Works: 
a 1969 Birmingham lunch counter sit-in, from Michael Nagler's Is There No Other Way?
Interview With Michael Nagler -
the connection between inner peace & world peace with interviewer Amy Abbott Pappageorge.